"Fiestas" in Sóller

6th january - Three Kings

6th january - Three Kings celebrated in Sóller, Mallorca 6th january - Three Kings celebrated in Sóller, Mallorca

Sóller's families celebrate, as does the rest of Spain, the arrival of the Three Kings, the biblical Three Wise Men, on the eve of the Epiphany. They parade through town with their entourage and truck full of presents for all of Sóller's "good" children.

17th january - Saint Anthony and the "Blessing of the Animals".

The traditional "Blessing of the Animals" takes place on the sunday before the 17th of january, in Sóller's main square. Pets of all kinds parade with their owners in front of the Church, where they get blessed with holy water. This is followed by a spectacular horse racing competition through the town centre. On the eve of the 17th, bonfires are lit in the main square, where people cook their local sausages ("butifarrons" and "sobrasada"), while hearing the traditional music of the "xer-emiers" (bagpipes and a local kind of drum).

20th january - Saint Sebastian

The streets of Sóller are full of bonfires, dancing and traditional music

February /March - Carnival

Carnival is celebrated in Sóller with a costumes parade through the town centre. Various prices are given to diffrent catagories

March / April / Easter - "Sa Fira" (main fair) and "Es Firo" or the feast of the "Moors and "Christians".

Es Firo, or the feast of the Es Firo, or the feast of the

During this week, Sóller commemorates, with a wide programme of events, the historic victory of the town over the invading "moors", on 11th May 1561. "Sa Fira" takes place on a Sunday, with a big market in which local artisans, amongst others, are to be found. On monday, "Es Firó" is celebrated, with the re-enactment of the battle between "Moors and Christians", in which a good part of the town takes part. It starts with the moors' disembarkment on the beach at the Port, and it ends, well into the night, on Sóller's main square.

May - Festival of the oranges and lemons

This fair seeks to promote the products made with the famous local citrus fruits and the restaurants and bars that serve them.

May /June - Corpus Christi

This religious festivity consists of a beautiful procession which runs through the town centre. The streets have previously been decorated by the neighbours with colourful "carpets" made with flowers, leaves and petals.

24th June - Saint John

On the eve of Saint John's day, bonfires are lit on the main square, and the arrival of summer is celebrated with music, fire and Demons "Dimonis".

29th June - Saint Peter

The feast of the patron saint of fisherman is celebrated, of course, in the fisherman's quarter of the Port of Sóller.

16th July - Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Another traditional feast day for fisherman and boating people, who decorate their boats for a beautiful parade.

July - "Sa Mostra" (International Folkloric Festival)

July - "Sa Mostra" (International Folkloric Festival) in Sóller, Mallorca July - "Sa Mostra" (International Folkloric Festival) in Sóller, Mallorca

For over 20 years, this festival of folkloric music and dancing, in which groups from all over the world take part, has cheered up the public squares of Sóller and Fornalutx during a whole week.

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