The Sóller train, a real classic

Another way to access the valley is using the historical Sóller Railroad, which has covered the journey to Palma daily since 1912. The train goes through thirteen tunnels with lengths that range from 33m to 2,876m in length. It also crosses several bridges, including a five arc viaduct which is visible from the valley.

This railroad was constructed to offer the retaileres of Sóller, then one of the main commercial enclaves on the island, a fast and safe connection with Palma, the capital. The route is completed with the tram, which has united Sóller with its Port since 1913.

Sóllers surroundings enjoy a great natural wealth, with a unique combination of coast, valley and mountain. The area is part of the northwest coast of Mallorca, where the mountains of the Tramuntana, with peak altitudes that surpass 1,000m (Puig Major: 1,445m), face the sea creating spectacular cliffs and small coves.

The Port of Sóller bay is really exceptional as its very closed in shape, making it the only protected bay in this section of coastline, perfect as a refuge for boats. It also has one of the few sandy beaches in this Mallorcan coast.

Welcome to Sóller, Mallorca The historical train between Sóller and Palma de Mallorca

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