The Sóller train

A door to Palma.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, Sóller was practically isolated from the rest of the island, due to its geographical location North of the tramuntana mountain range. The town was connected with Palma by a horse-wagon service, which had to surpass the mountains at the Coll. Naturally, the valley's rich merchants wished for a more comfortable and faster connexion with the capital.

The historical train between Sóller and Palma de Mallorca

Jeroni Estades, a well known politician, buisinessman and Sóller resident, gave voice to the Sólleric's demant as early as 1893, trying to promote a train track between Sóller and Palma, passing through Deià and Valdemossa. This route was never realised, due to its extremely high cost. Ten years later, the industry captain Joan Morell retook the idea, proposing an alternative route with a tunnel that would pierce the mountains under the Coll. This idea seemed, on first impressions, very impractical to all, except Jeroni Estades, who asked Pere Garau to elaborate a project.

The tram between Sóller and its harbour Puerto Sóller, in use since 1913

Works commenced in 1907, with the help of a small english train engine, which would be the first to unofficially inaugurate the tunnel in 1911. The official inauguration took place in 1912, with two coal powered engines called "Bunyola" and "Son Sardinia" (the names of the route's two stations) plus six wagons. In 1929, the train was electrified. From then on, it has covered this route without interruptions daily, traveling the 27,3km distance between Sóller and Palma. From 1913, an electrical tram that joins Sóller with its Port has also been covering this 4,9km distance.

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