Superbly located, Cliff-top apartment with outstanding panoramic views in Puerto Soller, the harbour of Soller, Mallorca

Simply amazing...Get to know the unique area in and around Soller in the Northwest of Mallorca. Here you find a different side of the island - the perfect holiday destination for everyone - the valley with its impressive mountain surroundings, the picturesque harbour and bay are very inviting. Here you can relax and recover in the great little villages and enjoy the spanish atmosphere. . .

We will find your ideal holidayhome...

Amazing stone-build cottage with pool and superb views over the Tramuntana mountains up to the sea, in Soller, Mallorca

"Mallorca, the varied landscapes, the small, beautiful villages, the fantastic kitchen, the beach and the great walking routes with its amazing views. It's pretty much indescribable - you have to experience it for yourself."





A look at the Port of Sóller

Soller is situated in the northwest shore of Mallorca, a beautiful little village right in the heart of the 'Tramuntana' mountains (UNESCO heritage) with its fertile valley full of oranges and citrus.

It is an attractive place for tourists in search of sun and sea and those who prefer the mountains.

Sóller can be reached by car or with the antique "Mountain Express" train. This train takes you on a ride through the mountains and the beautiful, colourful valley (see futher down).

There are a great number of nice little, typical mallorquine shops and restaurants to be found here in Sóller.

The historical train between Sóller and Palma de Mallorca

There are many points of interest here in town, several museums, the local church, the botanical garden and many more.

With the old train it feels as though you are travelling back in time This train connects the capital, Palma de Mallorca with Sóller, since 1912.

This train travels the 27km long, tight, winding track through the mountains and its beautiful surroundings on a daily base. Its charme has not changed since the first day.

We offer a beautiful selection of villas and apartments for rent in these beautiful, sunny surroundings. Feel free to send us an email or give us a call if you have any questions about a stay here in the Sóllervalley. You will find our contactdetails here.

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